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Our Approach

We believe our city urgently needs movement-building work. To that end, #DegreesNYC has

embraced the approach of Collective Impact 3.0, developed by the Tamarack Institute, with

the hopes of introducing a paradigm shift that will transform systems. “Movement-building

leaders bring together a diverse group of stakeholders, including those not in traditional

institutions or seats of power, to build a vision of the future based on common values and



Movements “open hearts and minds” and “create the receptive climate for new

ideas to take hold”.


A heavy lift, indeed. But if we all pull together, we can get it right.


We recognize that the work cannot move forward effectively without engaging those most

affected. Accessing and understanding student voices and experiences provides critical insights

regarding what is equitable, effective and lasting. In addition, their voices provide important

evidence for planning and prioritizing policies, holistic programs and wrap around services that

promote student success to and through their postsecondary journey and into the workforce.


Our Blueprint has defined the issues. The work ahead is to prioritize the solutions. Strong

leadership, a committed village, resources and intentional strategies are necessary to build and

sustain this movement. At worst, we will dare to speak unsettling truths to power, while being the change we wish to see in our city. At best, we will audaciously shake the foundations of New York’s inequitable systems and force the powers that be to recalibrate and rebuild from the rubble.

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