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The #DegreesNYC Youth Council is an opportunity for NYC high school, college, and non-traditional students to be a part of a youth advocacy network by working with #DegreesNYC. Our Youth Council is committed to making schools and campuses more student-ready by advocating for institutional and political reform.

Meet the Fellows:

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James Headshot.jpg

Media Lead

James R.

St. John's University '23
Fun fact: 
I like to play video games and write on my spare time.
What makes you a change-maker? 
I The inequalities are recklessly costly for students. I want to change these systems by holding them to a higher standard of financial and economic support. 
Why do you do this work? 
I want to raise awareness on mental and emotional well-being as important pillars.
Julia Headshot.jpeg

Policy & Research Lead

Julia P.

The East NY Arts & Civic HS '24
Fun fact: 
I like to play softball and write raps and poetry on my free time.
What makes you a change-maker? 
I want to create major change in the education system and its curriculum because I believe everyone deserves an equal opportunity to succeed and success should be based on individual merits, and not unfair advantages. 
Why do you do this work? 
I imagine an equitable school system for all to give everyone a change to be something regardless of where they're from or if they need extra help. true education is not a competition of which school can get the highest state test score. 


Outreach Lead

Lex T.

Park East High School '23
Fun fact: 
I'm a big fan of mathematics and literature! I also use my free time to visit museums and art galleries. 
What makes you a change-maker? 
I'm a leader that is open-minded to and empathetic to my team's opinion, and make compromises to fulfill the team's wishes and ensure they feel supported. 
Why do you do this work? 
I want to make change in the DOE system and give courage to other peers to follow their dreams.
Destiny Headshot.JPG

Policy Lead

Destiny G.

Brooklyn High School of the Arts '23
Fun fact: 
I love interacting with others and gaining new perspectives on important topics.
What makes you a change-maker? 
As a young person, it's easy to reach out to other youth. Seeing someone like you fight for a change will inspire others to do the same.
Why do you do this work? 
I seek to create an environment where all feel safe and welcomed.
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