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We're Hiring!

Below are positions that are currently vacant that we're looking to fill. 

Purpose of Position: #DegreesNYC is the primary driver of Goddard Riverside’s educational equity agenda. The Deputy Director of #DegreesNYC works closely with the Director, the Steering Committee and the Youth Council to set the vision, direction, and culture of #DegreesNYC. Reporting to the Director of #DegreesNYC, the Deputy Director of #DegreesNYC directly supervises the Youth Advocacy and Research Coordinator, Youth Council Co-Coordinators, and the Communications Coordinator. Key aspects of the job include co-leading #DegreesNYC advocacy efforts at the city, state and federal level, supporting the Youth Council, overseeing #DegreesNYC communications and social media, taking a leadership role in fundraising, and taking a leadership role in developing the culture of #DegreesNYC. To read more about the position's qualifications, essential duties, and work environment, please press the button below.

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